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Sean Runnette is an award-winning audiobook producer, director and narrator. He is also rides bicycles a lot.

Fields of Fire, Jim Webb’s BRUTAL Vietnam book, got a lovely review in Audiofile.  This one scared me to death.  Trying to do justice to something so intensely personal that was and is shared at the same time by so many people was nervous-making.  On the other hand, he writes like a demon.  Thanks Tantor!

And on the complete other side of the coin, from the mud to the mind, Richard Feynman’s The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, care of Blackstone/Downpour, was given an Earphones Award by Audiofile Magazine.  That’s our third!

And this just in, HighBridge Audio’s production of  The End of Big by Nicco Mele got a nice, if careful, review in Publisher’s Weekly.


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